Extra charges apply for dematting, flea or tick removal,
or special handling for difficult dogs.
Dematting brushout $12.00 per 15 minutes
Flea & Tick dip $8.00
Difficult to handle $6.00 per 15 minutes

Special Treatments Available

The "Low Shed" treatment is where we use the furminator
$8.00 per 30 minutes
The "Low Shed Blow Out" treatment is where we coat your pet in
low shed conditioner and use the air force dryer to blow out the undercoat. $15.00
Teeth Brushing is $10.00
Remoisturizing is $8.00
Medicated shampoo is $8.00

Spa is what we do! With Hampi Shampoo! It it is a unique shampoo and conditioner infused with with mud and minerals from The Dead Sea. Blended with 27 minerals from the Dead Sea, 12 in which can only be found in the Dead Sea. Hampi Dead sea for dogs - arthritis, flea bites, eczema, psoriasis,itching and scratching. we've noticed dry flaky skin to be noticeably different after Dead Sea mud soak, followed by the Shampoo and conditioner.
Dalespets offers, just a mud soak for an additional(to grooming charges) $15.00 and the full line for for an additional(to grooming charges) $25.00, that's a $20.00 savings. The Hampi Dead Sea mud must stay on your pet for @ least 45 mins.. we ask for you to please consider this when scheduling your appointment as we will need extra time.

Just need nails clipped?

Just stop by, we are usually available to this at almost any time during the day.
No appointment is necessary for just nails to be clipped.
You and your pet can stop by TUES-SAT between 9am - 3pm.

DalesPets Salon also offers gift certificates!!!


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